Rey Tamayo

Web 3.0 Resume


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Florida International University Member Occupational Therapy Honor Society BS Occupational Therapy with Specialty in Work Hardening & Use of Technology in Therapy
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Professional Skills: UX, Information Architect

UX, Information Architect

Use Occupational Therapy principle to design complex sites that are easy for user to navigate and provide excellent user experience (UX) and maximum ROI.

Job Task Analysis

Can break down any task or activity into components, find inefficiencies and improve tasks. In designing websites and procedures can optimize user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Integration

Design with SEO in mind from the start. Apply SEO principles from the code to the graphical design and later continue working closely with SEO consultant

Design for Multiple Monetization Streams

Like SEO build multiple monetization streams directly into the design so it plays seamlessly in the user experience and maximizes ROI. I can monetize anything.

Website Marketing Marketing

is another design element as well as a continued concern with websites. Proper design facilitates it, but solid marketing skills make it pay.

Team and Budget Management

Because of psychology and management training, I can maintain excellence, boost motivation and work output to finish projects on time and in or under budget.

Experience — Featured Projects

Shanghai, Took an outdated 3 year old site and redesigned it with modern designs and better user experience. Also design a mobile app that is under development. After initial changes site traffic doubled and so did member registration. Dealt with Chinese staff that did not understand modern web practices and managed to complete phases in a timely basis. Devised all new monetization schemes.

Miami, FL, USA Started a dropship jewelry website from scratch and grew it to a half a million dollars in sales business. Website has Wal-Mart technology in it and was able to automatically place orders with vendors , allow vendors to maintain inventory and product catalog, and automated most shipping and order processing so over 100 orders per day were shipped by just one employee.