When a Therapist Owns the Spa Owner

In a group in LinkedIn I answered a question from a spa owner that asked how to deal with a possessive therapist that did not want to share her customer when she went away on vacation. Here is my response: I have not read all the comments here but most of the comments seem to revolve around the issue with the therapist but the real issue is you. As one very person @Bennet said you are not acting as an owner. First of all, never give the power to the therapist. Many times therapist start at a spa Read more [...]

When They Tell You it Hurts, Stop Because it Hurts

In this video, Pain is Funny on Cartoons Bart is clearly injured and he is clearly complaining of pain but everyone pokes him and causes him pain.  While this is funny in a comic strip, it is not funny in real life, well at least not to the one being poked.  Pain whether physical like in the video or emotional is something we all feel.  Sometimes we get our body or heart hurt and there is nothing we can do about it.  Sometimes people hurt you without meaning to and sometimes they hurt you Read more [...]

Cheapness Can Cost You More

I am a proud cheapskate! Groupon can be great for cheapskates, but it can also be a nightmare.  Cheapness has helped me in many ways and most of the time it pays off for me.  However, about 20% of the time a poorly thought act of cheapness can really cost more than a full priced product or service.  At these times you must know when to cut your losses and walk away…and this is a terrible thing for cheapskate—to not get the most value out of something you paid for.  But this is also a Read more [...]