Our Family Crest and Coat of Arms

My new family crest is really our new family crest because it has both of us in it.  As egotistical as I am I cannot deny the great inspiration, value, and Love I feel for and from my wife.  My family crest is not complete without her because she is not just my wife and my family, but part of me!

This crest took forever to make as it has so many symbols that represent both of us in it.  Here are the many meanings of each:

  1. The cross is part of several symbols:
    1. A cross for the Christ, even if I am not religious, the cross has been in my signature for more than half my life.  For My Wife God is so important that the cross represents God as well for her
    2. The very top end is an arrow of rubies and the entire cross representing the male symbol of Mars and his spear
    3. The three rubies at each tip also represent the holy trinity
    4. The large star at its center represents the guiding light that  My Wife is to me as well as hope for a bright future
    5. Combined with the sphere underneath it also forms part of the female sign
    6. Together the male and female sign represent the ying and yang principle of balance
    7. Together with the sphere it also forms the orb of a king
    8. Being the very top of the crown and reaching up and pointing to the heavens represents the ascension of our immortal souls up to heaven to meet the holy trinity!
  2. The sphere under the cross has several symbols as well:
    1. Together with the cross as stated above it represents the symbols of male and female, ying and yang and the orb of a king adding more royalty to it.
    2. The R and R together with the silver line between them form an actual Ying and Yang each R represent both me and My wife replacing the traditional circles of opposite colours inside the semi-circle with the Rs
    3. Taken as a mace it represent the might of royalty to smite and protect the Love that sits on top of all of its symbology as is shown in many of the symbols as well
  3. The fleur-de-lis eternal symbol of royalty juts out like beautiful spears not only reinforcing the royal theme but also showing the might of two hearts in Love that can spear all that comes between us
  4. The large stars on the fleur-de-lis together with the large star in the cross also represents the holy trinity of the soul and the holy trinity of Love: Passion, Affection, and Devotion
  5. The amethyst in the stars representing the great Love itself as Amethyst is the stone of Pure Love and many other good things
  6. The diamonds each is representing the strength of our Love for each other and her holy Love. Not one huge diamond but many little ones each adding a little strength to the other and making more from a few little ones than one large one reflecting the spirit of collaboration between two souls in Love as well as the strength and value of that Love
  7. The double eagle symbol represents her true family crest and My wife
  8. The Winged Lion representing me and my Leo pride and the noble passion of a royal beast as well as the strength to defend our unity from the many forces that conspire to keep us apart
  9. The red castle representing the true Tamayo family crest and me
  10. The 13 Rubies encrusted on its rim representing:
    1.  My wife herself and all that is beautiful about her
    2. They also represent the number 13 which is my lucky number
    3. Their heart shape representing our Love and the diamond enclosing them the strength of the Love
    4. Also the red colour not only representing My wife but also the passion in our heart for each other
  11.  The central start at the rim with the large Amethyst representing the third eye that gives us a bright future for our Love together.  Combined with the other large one on the cross they represent each of us, individual and alone but also part of a togetherness bonded by the amethyst of Love and the strengths of the diamonds, us a couple intertwined by so much in our lives that we can have our own lives but still orbiting together as part of a larger life bound by holy matrimony.
  12. The crown itself as a whole representing our royal nature for My wife did already behave as much a Queen as I behave as a King even before I met her
  13. The large star at the rim seemingly piercing the foot of the lion representing the story of the Lion and the Mouse.  A mouse so tiny that you cannot see it in the crown but a mouse that saved the Lion and forever held his gratitude.  My wife being a Mouse in Chinese astrology and being so tiny herself is being represented by the symbol and the invisible mouse (which was in fact part of the first drawing)!