Sales Person Job Description is a full service Content Marketing and Web Development Agency. We provide not just a website but all the content marketing and SEO that a website needs to have to succeed in today’s world.  We can work on large websites without this service if they want to establish their own content marketing department in which case we can train their staff to do their own content marketing.  We can also do content marketing and SEO services independent of a website for those that already have a website and only need the content marketing.  We will not turn down business but our primary focus is on establishing long term relationships with our customer and that means establishing retainer deals of at least six months in length.  Content marketing usually does not work well in less than three months so longer term engagements are needed to make a difference for the client.  With the ability to provide both content marketing and website development we can provide a complete turnkey solution for our clients.  These two fields are married to each other and content marketing requires graphic and video development and special landing pages and much more that is in the domain of the website development team.

We are a looking to establish a worldwide English and Spanish sales network for our turnkey content marketing and web development service.  We are seeking self-motivated sales persons who understand the internet quite well and have some understanding of website development, ecommerce, and internet marketing.  While the understanding of website development and internet marketing are not essential to sell our services, they do assist in showing competency when selling the services.  All salesperson will be trained in a webinar format and will be tested for their internet competency prior to being selected.

The key skills needed for this job is a love of sales and knowing enough about internet services to help the client understand the value they are receiving.  Although other key skills needed are:

  • Account Management—Since you are selling retainer accounts you will need to maintain the customer happy and liaison with the production staff if there any issues.  You will also be responsible for upselling the customers.
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)—You will primarily be selling B2B accounts and need to be familiar with what values business accounts appreciate and how to best sell them.
  • Internet Marketing and SEO knowledge—Even just general understand of internet marketing and SEO techniques is required so that you can explain the primary services being offered to  the clients and be able to answer many of their questions.

Skills in these areas will also improve sales capabilities:

  • IT Consulting—If you have done IT consultant and understand the IT needs of small to mid-sized businesses you will have a leg up on other sales agents.
  • Internet & Ecommerce—Understanding how the internet works and primarily the ecommerce tenets of the internet you can illustrate benefits to clients a bit better.  Please note that ecommerce means more than just having a shopping cart in the website.

You will be selling retainer services starting at $3000 per months with agreement of no less than six months and you will make 15% commissions on all paid accounts so after selling just a few accounts the cumulative commission for each month can be quite large. You will receive a large base salary based on performance.

Please contact us for the particulars.


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