Deja Ir!

Deja ir,Deja de resistir,Deja de caminar, ni para adelante ni para atrás, párate,Deja de huir,Deja de pensar para que puedas sentir,Deja el miedo…Deja que las dos palabras mas poderosas en la lengua castellana te liberen y te den felicidad—Deja entrar al amor!Deja que una mano te toque,Deja que unos ojos te admiren,Deja que unos labios te besen,Deja que un corazón se te acerque…Deja que un suspiro te tome tu corazón,Deja que un abrazo te eleve tu alma,Deja que otro corazón te de libertad:Libertad Read more [...]

Alter of Love

The Alter of LoveA father brought his son to a huge monument. It was a huge red heart. It was so large that the head had to really arch up to see its end when standing right in front of it. At the base of the monument was a photo of two common looking people holding hands. Beneath them in a gorgeous black onyx wall was inscribed a beautiful story of love.After the father read the story to his son he paused and asked him if he understood the meaning of this story. The son grimaced and told him Read more [...]

True Love

True LoveTrue love exists independent of all else,True love is not dependent on someone loving you back,True love is not dependent on receiving something from another,True love is not dependent on what life brings…True love exists and loves for its own sake…Nothing influences,Nothing explains it,Nothing counts on it,Nothing can buy it,Nothing can make it happen, for it is natural and does not depend on anything except itself,Nothing can shake it or turn it off—True love is eternal even if space Read more [...]