Steve Jobs Ate and Drunk….

Steve Jobs was an inspirational visionary with human frailties who could fail and learn from it and still pick himself up and move on to his next innovation! Life did not spare him from the human condition yet he always landed on top! Read more [...]

Promised Land

Living in the light of God and allow darkness to creep in our lives happens to many, even blessed ones, finding our way back to His light is often a great challenge. This is a true story of a blessed soul lost in the promised land after achieving her greatest dream and the struggles she finds within herself. Read more [...]

Cheapness Can Cost You More

I am a proud cheapskate! Groupon can be great for cheapskates, but it can also be a nightmare.  Cheapness has helped me in many ways and most of the time it pays off for me.  However, about 20% of the time a poorly thought act of cheapness can really cost more than a full priced product or service.  At these times you must know when to cut your losses and walk away…and this is a terrible thing for cheapskate—to not get the most value out of something you paid for.  But this is also a Read more [...]