Twitter Crippler: How URL Hashtags Can Severely Decrease Twitter Traffic [Video]

Ironies abounds in a new innovation called URL Hashtags Adwords (along with two others) which were inspired by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s Challenge in theCharlie Rose Show. That innovation answering his challenge was completely laid out in less than 15 minutes but it had one problem, it needed the URL Hashtag innovation to work elegantly, it works without it but it is best with this innovation. So URL Hashtag Adwords were invented. There is more irony in that it is reported the Biz did not really think much of hashtags when they were first popularized in Twitter, but now they are universal and are the mechanism that may seriously decrease Twitter’s traffic from ads and the entertainment media. It is also ironic that Twitter popularized the hashtag usage and it is the pioneer of hashtags being used in ads and entertainment and it is this very useful tool that may cripple it in the future. It is this very popularity of the hashtags being used in advertisement that proves that URL Hashtag Adwords will work spectacularly!

Twitter is a pioneer and it has struggled but now it is on its way to becoming a great company. It has really changed the lives of many and will continue to change the landscape of media in the future. URL Hashtags will require some rethinking of Twitter’s strategies and it will likely decrease traffic significantly in the short term but they will not damage Twitter in the long run because Twitter is much more than hashtags. In fact if they add a short piece of code to recognize URL Hashtag Adwords they will have an entire new income stream they had never realized before! So these Adwords will actually benefit Twitter as well and are perfect for its short format since using natural language hashtags can clarify messages while allowing for linking to more information directly from the Hashtag URLs—all the while giving Twitter a commission for each click! Wasting characters on links may become a thing of the past! A great thing for Twitter (and Facebook and LinkedIn) is that they do not have to wait for Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla to add the code to their browser, they can still license the technology right away and add these PPC hashtags to their website to create the income stream right away!

Below please find a video explaining how URL Hashtag Adwords work. Basically they work just as hashtags placed on ads, shows, and publications work now, except that instead of people needing to go to a third party (usually Twitter but now Facebook as well) and joining them in order to participate, they will be taken directly to the advertiser’s website and content. Their greatest advantage is not only that the advertiser can minutely control its content and interaction but that they work just like URLs and hashtags so users do not need to learn anything new!

The startup that created this innovation has a patent pending on the technology but is not yet funded. This innovation and the other two that follows can change the way the internet behaves for a very long time to come!