How Using Website Domains Will Become a Thing of the Past? [Video]

The Universal Resource Location or URL also commonly called a website domain have been part of the web since the inception of the public web and has not changed for many decades.  However, internet technology has moved forwards by leaps and bounds.  A new insight into how browsers can do much more than they currently do will change the way the internet works forever!  Although smart entrepreneurs will find many more ways in which this insight will lead to other innovations, there are at least three ways that this paradigm shift will forever change the two most important aspects of the popular web.  One of these ways will be explained here.

Today 99.99999% of internet navigation is done by browsers, with the top 5 browsers having the lion’s share of this navigation.  Since browsers are involved in the majority of surfing, a small but very impactful shift in internet navigation can occur—domains can be substituted by any input the browser allows.  Browsers simply need to insert a small piece of code to recognize the new URL forwarding methods and URLs can be substituted by anything imaginable; like easy to remember natural language keywords!  This can lead to the only new and unique advertising model in decades—the Hashtag URL Adword!  The video below explains how it works.

Basically the browsers can recognize any pattern typed into their URL box and allow for replacing huge URLs (with tracking data and all of the other information that marketers need) by simple natural language hashtags that users can use to navigate to these long URLs without having to remember or enter complex URLs or clumpy domain names.  This is also perfect for mobile browsing where URLs are particularly difficult to enter and since it is natural language it also allows voice navigation!  Most importantly there is zero change in the way that the internet is used currently so there is nothing new for the surfer to learn!  Currently many advertisers are using hashtags to engage users in third party websites rather than their own customized domain, so even using hashtags are already very familiar to internet users—but now advertisers can bring their customers directly to their website and own all of the content generated there!

While URLs will never and should never be replaced since they work quite well, the method of navigation can change because it makes surfing super easy without changing the interface or method that users are familiar with!  As a bonus, the sluggish internet marketing industry will more than double while business customers will be better served!  Once this system is implanted URL Adwords will be a must have for business just as domains currently are and since like domains, there are a limited number of keywords, the uptake of this method will be super fast!  In the future domains and long URLs will always continue to exist but using them to surf for the most part will be a thing of the past as an easier to use and easier to remember method of surfing will quickly replace their core need.