Promised Land

Dream girl

Finding the Light Again (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

She was borne into a land filled with God.  Every heart around her was deeply devoted.  Despite being surrounded by His love and the great devotion of her father and everyone around her; she resisted Him slightly—believing; yet not allowing all of His guidance.  Even if she was one of the special souls He put on this earth to bring happiness to others, she did not bring Him completely into her heart.

As His small deeds all around her piled in her heart, it happened one day that she found her devotion and He became stronger inside her.  She decided to start believing in all the gifts He could give her and her life started changing for the better once she accepted Him more.

Her soul was a very independent soul and it was blessed with great bravery.  While she was not as strong as the way others saw in her, she was indeed very strong and was not scared by challenges that would freeze much older and wiser people.  Her faith let her tap into this strength and she used it to move herself and her family ahead.  On her own with very little help she travelled to a Godless country.  In this country with God being far from the culture and the heart of the people she found  a guiding light that would forever change her life by making sure she truly understood what God was in her life and would inspired her to put Him first in everything and to believe in dreams which she, even with her brave heart, dared not believe because they seemed so unreachable.  Life was not easy but it was so far better in every way and with her strong constant gratitude and devotion it was made better with each passing day.

Her guiding soul was literally aptly named Salvation Found and Salvetion was what she preached not just with words but with action and with the light of a faith the glowed from her every cell.  She saw this blessed soul and understood that by mothering her she would have a daughter to carry her faith into a future past her days on this earth. With her encouragement and her teaching the blessed child flourished each day more and more.  She even started fulfilling a goal she had made which she thought would only be a dream.  With great effort she managed to find her way to the Promised Land, not the fabled Promised Land but the free land which most called the Promised Land.

To her amazement the Promised Land was harder to exist in than any other land she had lived in.  She lived on the edge of poverty even worse than in her own country.  She was unable to move or be as free as was promised by the legends from this country.  At first she still believed and even began allowing bigger and bigger dreams to enter her blessed life.  After all she had achieved something that was very hard to achieve and this was after all the Promised Land.  However, despite great efforts this land was harsher than she could have imagined and although it was the great land of opportunity, opportunities only came with great effort and sacrifice.  It was foreign to her and even though God existed in principle in the hearts of the people in practice there was less faith than she had ever experienced because the words people expressed were not truly felt in the heart of most.  Yes she found the example of another beautiful miracle named after God’s mother, but this was a rare find in the sea of people she met.  She was physically comfortable but had great unrest in her heart and soul.  The peace she found in His teachings and in her devotion slowly started eroding.  Dreams that were so clear and achievable just weeks before were no longer believed, her positive outlook was replaced by tears of despair as her faith was slowly eroding. She believed in Him the same way but she started to walk in the darkness of doubt and negativity instead of bathing in His light.  She had not lost Him just her confidence and her faith in being able to achieve the dreams she so much wanted to achieve.  Her dreams were within inches of her grasp and with her past positivity she could easily afford them, but with her current walk in the shadows she just lost sight of them and focused on the darkness instead of seeking His light.  She anguished over things that prayers easily fixed before and prayers diminished in fervor and quantity.  She still talked to Him but not as often or for as long or with the same joy in her heart and soul.  Darkness was overtaking her and if she did not dispel the negativity inside and her anguish she might stop believing in her blessed soul and stop believing in her dreams and stop believing on the power of prayer and devotion—she would never banish Him from her heart but without faith in Him she would be as blind as a soul could be and as lost as a soul could get.  In her despair she had forgotten how precious she was to Him and how much she used to talk to Him and He talk back to her by opening the door to her dreams—and in her happiness and her life deeds, open doors for others that were lost…which was one of her greatest purposes on this earth.  She was on the edge of a precipice and too blind to see it, and she had forgotten that God had given her wings to catch her if she fell but only if she called for it with her faith!

To be continued as life moves on.

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