RIP Marco Fang— Your Passing Shed Tears Around the World

Marco Fang--RIP my friend

Marco Fang--RIP my friend you are sorely missed


I cannot imagine China without you,
I cannot imagine Shanghai being as inviting without you….

Your untimely passing left me shocked and truly mourning, something rare for me.
I know that my long stay in China was made infinitely better by you,
No matter what happened I felt safe knowing you were just one phone call away,
No matter how alien China was to me, you were the Saving Angel that made sense of it and made it fun.

We met online and hit it off right away, but your true beauty as a person I discovered in Shanghai….
From the first day you unselfishly shared your medicine with me when it would have been virtually impossible for me to get it fast enough—
With that act I became eternally grateful to you and found that there are good hearts all over the world.

At every turn I bumped myself against the hard cultural wall of China and at every turn there you were to explain and help me out of all of my queries and trouble,
I could always count on your smile and quick wit to give me solutions.
While our work environment was not the best, we were able to put that behind us and you always gave me the best of you to meet my every personal need.

I will miss you my friend.  I seldom keep in touch when I leave a place but even long after you left the company I depended on you and always found my way back to you.
I am happy that our last conversation was a happy one about programming which was a mutual passion of ours.
I am happy and thankful that you were so hopeful and engaged and had a happy outlook for your future because you deserved the universe’s smile and I shared in your joy.
The universe may have taken you early but at least you left with a hopeful joyous spirit!

When I visit Shanghai again, I will miss that special soul that always welcomed me with a smile and shared so much with me,
But in my heart I will carry the joy of all that you gave me and the wisdom you taught me.
Many tears were shed in China, Taiwan, and other places around the world for your passing—you touched and made a difference for so many worldwide and our tears showed our love and respect for you!

Thank you for having given me the pleasure and honour of your time, your caring, and your friendship—you will live in my memories forever!