What is a Strong Woman?

I wrote this piece in response to this post on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=337240876322949&set=a.251875774859460.58366.251856918194679&type=1&theater

While very eloquent the thought on what a strong woman is, actually still made them sound weak. Women are many things, they are even physically weak compared to most men, but weak as a gender or as persons they are not.  A woman can stand to any man in terms of conviction and internal strength and can many times endure more pain and more strife in their lives than many men.  Women are far from perfect and God only knows they are a pain many times to men, but they are very strong when they choose to be.  Never underestimate a determined woman because she is not the underdog, she is is the Alpha!

In Spanish this statement is even prettier but I translated it to English because I deal with English best and I was writing this blog in English!  Either way I think it answers the statement above about women quite well and speak of their true strength.  Of course the same can be said about men, but this time it is being said about women. I thought of my amazing wife when writing this and her particular inner strengths which are fueled by her strong belief in God and her innocent views of a world far more cruel than she allows herself to see–but which to her because she refuses to see the negatives, her world for the most part is this beautiful simple world which she sees with her open and innocent heart!  So for her the world does give her the pink glasses version of itself–and I guess that speaks of her own strength where the world gives her what she asks for.

A Strong Woman Is...Una Mujer Fuerte Es...

A Strong Woman Is...Una Mujer Fuerte Es...

Here is what the text in the graphic says:


A strong woman is she who can cry without losing the happiness in her heart…but she almost never cries because that smile she carries every day of her life is a smile that she carries for life and she may cry when life throws hard curves at her, but day and night her smile always remains!


Una mujer fuerte es aquella que puede llorar sin perder la contentura en su corazón… pero casi nunca llora porque esa sonrisa que tiene todo el día es una que tiene para su vida entera y las lagrimas vienen solo de vez en cuando con las curvas que nos da la vida, pero día y noche esa sonrisa siempre permanece!