When They Tell You it Hurts, Stop Because it Hurts

In this video,

Pain is Funny on Cartoons

Bart is clearly injured and he is clearly complaining of pain but everyone pokes him and causes him pain.  While this is funny in a comic strip, it is not funny in real life, well at least not to the one being poked.  Pain whether physical like in the video or emotional is something we all feel.  Sometimes we get our body or heart hurt and there is nothing we can do about it.  Sometimes people hurt you without meaning to and sometimes they hurt you on purpose.  One thing however is hurting on purpose and sadistically poking at the wound over and over again.

Pain is pain whether physical or psychological and it is necessary to feel pain in life in order to know the joy of pleasure.  However, it does not mean that you need unnecessary pain. Certainly you do not need sadistic pain (unless you are into such a thing and like it) specially coming from someone you love.

Some people are super insensitive, some people simply don’t care, and some just poke you because it’s funny and fun!  Those that are insensitive can hurt you badly simply because they cannot empathize and feel the pain they are causing, but they can still be valuable friends aside from their weakness of character. Those that simply don’t care are in it for themselves and are very bad for you, they do not care one way or another about your pain or you and are fine causing you pain or not.  However, the worse are those that simply cause you pain and find it fun or funny because they are purposely doing harm to you to boost their ego.  These people that find pain fun and funny are the ones you must run from (again unless you are into those things, to each their own).  Those that poke you when you tell them it hurts and ask them to stop and wont, are just the worse kind of people, even if you are into pain a safe word gets you out of it, but these people only know their own pleasure and there is no safe word to stop the torment.  They cause you pain on purpose and enjoy it tremendously.  Run from these people as fast as you can even as in the case of the video, they are your own family!

Having said that, the video is hilarious!  Pain can be funny when it is happening to a something without life like a drawn character, not when it is happening to a living being.