Cheapness Can Cost You More

Acupressure Massage Hand Map

Acupressure Massage Hand Map--The Power of the Healing or Hurting Hand

I am a proud cheapskate! Groupon can be great for cheapskates, but it can also be a nightmare.  Cheapness has helped me in many ways and most of the time it pays off for me.  However, about 20% of the time a poorly thought act of cheapness can really cost more than a full priced product or service.  At these times you must know when to cut your losses and walk away…and this is a terrible thing for cheapskate—to not get the most value out of something you paid for.  But this is also a great lesson, because not walking away can make you pay even more; the more you hold on to it for the wrong reason and because you lack the wisdom to see the cost is getting dangerously higher than the pennies you are pinching!

I learned a valuable lesson in cheapness from Groupon.  Anything you abuse can cost you more than the full price.  It was not just me abusing the service I was receiving, but Groupon abusing them as well.  I have bad back pain and no insurance, so I decided to take on a $39 offer from Groupon for a Chiropractor service that would get me X-rays and a doctor’s consultation as well as one adjustment and a full body massage.  I was not intending on using the doctor just getting a free assessment to make sure I did not have a bad bulging disk or some other thing I needed to address ASAP before it got worse.  I knew I could not pay but knowing if there was something very wrong I could work on getting the money to pay for treatment.

This ploy worked before when I got a Groupon for a dentist service.  It turns out it was a great experience and I will definitely get dental work done because of how amazing the dentist was.  He did not skimp on the time he gave me or the service. So Groupon will definitely work for him this time and the abuse they imposed on his practice by causing him to lose money was not passed on to me; I received more than the full benefits I expected.  Now I have taken measure to assure that I can fix my teeth before they become urgent!  In this case cheapness worked and the Groupon abuse did not castigate me nor the doctor!

My second experience with Groupon not only punished the doctor but it punished me as well.  It was not that she did not know what she was doing, she did do the X-rays but for example I am now praying I do not get testicular cancer because she took X-rays without protecting my privates while shooting the lumbar area.  She was simply not prepared and was using an old machine which used more power than the modern ones.  I am praying that all will be ok!  Next she was supposed to do an adjustment and as soon as she discovered that I was not going to get her treatment she skipped on doing the adjustments (a big mistake because if my back was improved I may have found the money to see her).  So I may have created a greater health issue and I lost value.  The worse insult however was her massage therapist.  I am a massage therapist and have taught it to others in many occasion, but I have never ever seen a complete amateur do such a bad job.  If I had back pain at the time of the massage he would have killed me.  He was not only terrible with his hands but super insecure and annoying.  Well, at least, I discovered that my back is not as bad as I expected so there is a hidden blessing in all of this.

Being super cheap this put me in a great dilemma.  Giving up on the true value of the visit or walk away before I was damaged.  At the same time I was thinking of him, he probably cannot get employed anywhere else and with today’s unemployment rate getting a job is super difficult so I did not want to damage his job.  However, if I stayed quiet someone might leave with more pain.  It was a difficult choice, but not being in good financial health now; I opted to protect his livelihood.  The dilemma then became should I just get out of there as soon as possible or not.  I hated to lose even more value, but thanks to my wife, I did have the epiphany of this article…not only was I losing the value I was being made worse by his lack of skills.  I mean he had zero knowledge of massage and less skill than a 10 year old at massaging.  He was tearing my skin apart by using less oil than he should have and doing too much effleurage (rubbing) over the same spot.  It was so terrible that he was now costing me with pain and potential future problem—potential dermatitis.  As it was I could feel the hairs over my hamstrings being knotted up and it hurt.  In the end I amazed myself with my choice.  One that I would never have done in the past.  I dispensed him as soon as I could and did not even finish, I just made an excuse to leave.  He chased me all the way to the door knowing there was something wrong but I just booked out of there.

I was never so happy to lose value in a bargain—in fact I did not lose value I gained not getting damaged!  My lesson was having the wisdom to walk away instead of getting every penny’s worth of the value.  It took extremely sensitive skin for 1 day and a bunch of knotted hairs that hurt every time they got stuck to my office seat to reinforce the lesson so I would not forget it.  I just kept thinking of my wife and asked myself what she would do and the answer was clear, she would have walked away much sooner.  I had learned that from her but never applied it as my cheapness did not allow it, but now I am grateful to her for once again teaching me another wonderful lesson.  I must be as discriminating next time because sometimes cheapness can be more expensive.

Dedicated to my Lovely wife who keeps teaching me so many valuable lessons about life even at my old age!