The Champ

Sammy Laz, great singer, inspirational champion of life

Sammy Laz, great singer, inspirational champion of life

In a world of fighters you are a true champion,

Life may beat you silly,

But no matter what it throws at you, life cannot knock you out,

Because your spirit is fueled by a passion that cannot die,

A passion so hot that the eternal Phoenix dares not dive in it.


Music is your passion and your life,

And your life is a story told in music,

Just like Rocky the underdog becomes a champion because he cannot accept defeat…

So like Rocky I hear a beautiful hero theme when I think of you—

Because despite all the punches life tries to destroy your dreams with, your dreams come true…

And in surviving you become the heroic champ that triumphs in life and gives us the gift of beautiful music and the music that inspires us—

Because behind your amazing voice, there is always that hero theme playing, letting us know that you are more than a singer…

You a Champ in Life!