Love is Eternal

cheery blossom shanghaiA young wife troubled by her constant upsets with her husband traveled a long way to find a famous Guru for advice.  He greeted her warmly and having rough edges the young lady skipped the pleasantries and went right to her question asking “Is love eternal? Does it ever go away with Upsets?”  The Guru smiled knowing what she was asking but knowing that if he told her directly she would never learn.  He simply said.  Much like you rudely bypassed the pleasantries of a proper greeting and introduction when coming to see me, love is eternal and very forgiving even between mere strangers.  My love for other souls made me give you a second chance and not dismiss you for your uncouth behavior. Your love for your husband made you travel very far for an answer to your question.  Love is eternal but human relations are built on more than just love.  She started to ask another question and as rudely as she cut his warm welcome he cut her off and told her to think about it for two weeks and come back and tell him her discoveries.  He dismissed her by bowing slightly and warmly wishing her a good trip back to her village.
He expected her to be tenacious and sure enough two weeks later she was before him once again, and this time she observed all social protocols with him but not from her heart just from tradition without the warmth and joy of greeting another soul.  He saw it as progress in this young lovely soul.  He admired that despite her lack of wisdom she was strong inside and willing to follow her convictions to the end.  After the pleasantries he bid her to ask her question and she said “do you mean that Love is not strong enough to keep two people together?”  He smiled and said to her—a plant Loves light and with light it can produce food and stay healthy always.  It can actually use light 24 hours a day never tiring of it.  But light, as wonderful as it is to a plant; is not her only need, it also needs mineral and water.  Having light will make it so happy and healthy and it can the main ingredient to its healthy life but a plant getting all the light it can will wither and die without the other ingredients.  Love is like that light for us, it inspires and warms up and make us happy but we need more than love to achieve complete happiness.  Like with the plant we favour it and bend over backwards to get it but in the end without water and nutrients a relationship cannot survive.  She thought about it and knowing he was done and will dismiss her anyway she wisely got up and bid him a good day—to her great pleasure, this time from the heart.
Six months later a young lady came to see him. Her aura light was very bright and colorful and her soul was at peace though her heart was not entirely at peace.  Her composure and sweetness was such that only Gurus like him could see the pain. After warm pleasantry he realized whom she was.  He never really looks at people’s faces and bodies, he looks at their aura and recognizes their aura and this aura was transformed and showed a great deal of maturity and wisdom.  After a second look, recognized the crass young girl that had twice visited him before.   They talked calmly without hurry or purpose two just two content souls enjoying each other’s company!
All the while they were talking he smiled from the joy of seeing that she no longer had a question for him but had a lesson learned to share with him.  She told of how she was always short with her husband. He was not an easy man but just looking at her beauty always calmed him and he gave her a great deal more than what he took from her. She wanted to live her own life and enjoy their togetherness only when it pleased her thinking that life is long and she had time to give him loving after she enjoyed life the way she wanted to.  No matter how much he called to her to spend time with him, many times she found some excuse and always put others that she would have more fun with before him.  She loved him dearly but thought that her love, though she hardly ever expressed it to him, was enough and would make him understand that she wanted to spend her time doing things more exciting with others and living life while she was young so that when she was old she could give him all the loving he deserved.  She was happy living life big and although he complained he never ever left her.  She took that as a sign that love was eternal and it emboldened her belief that he can wait because she had no doubt whatsoever that he loved her dearly so he can sacrifice a little without her so she can enjoy her life.  She was short and dismissive with him and when he complained she always accused him of not understanding her or caring for her needs and because he loved her he always relented.
After her last visit she decided to be more loving to give him more and devote more time to him.  To her surprise her life was less exciting but more fulfilling.  Each day she looked forward to her first kiss in the morning and to snuggling with him in the weekends.  She loved that she was happy with his love and loving him.  She also discovered that because her heart was opening to him that they actually did a lot more things she liked before; but this time together with her friends instead of leaving him behind.  Sharing all those things with him made it more special because instead of only her memory making the fun special now they had two memories that relished those moments and noticed different things that together made the experience better. She was happy enjoying the eternal love they shared.
It happened that the long lifetime they had ahead did not pan out as he suffered a massive heart attack and almost died.  The heart that loved her so much failed.  He had only a few days to prepare as his heart was too damaged from the attack. He was conscious but barely able to move and kissing him was her greatest joy.  At this time she did not want to leave his side thinking that she only had a few days with him left but he encouraged her to leave.  She was confused because before he only wanted her with him and now only having a few days left he wanted her to enjoy life without him.  He explained that loving her when he knew she loved him back was that the gift of their eternal love. Not just guessing it but knowing and feeling her Love in his heart made him free to be without her because his heart was secure and full of her. Thinking of her enjoying herself was a joy for him and a joy that since they could not share together now he was happy to give her and receive from her as a gift when she shared it with him.  They talked about what would happen when he left and they did spend a lot of time together but he would send her for a walk and enjoyed her stories of how beautiful life was and he said that his greatest gift in the end was her sharing a life she had never seen before she admitted Love to him, a life full of brightness and joy. He told her that just listening to her stories on things she enjoyed about life even as he was dying made him happy and hopeful that she would share such joy with another love. He was not afraid of her loving another after him and even welcomed it because her happiness was his greatest joy in life and knowing she found another love would never change the Love she had for him.  For even after he said goodbye their love would remain eternal because one Love cannot replace another, it can only create its own Love separate and different than their love.  He died three weeks after his heart attack as she was telling him the story of the beautiful walk down the blooming cherry blossom and how beautiful they were. He simply looked at her and thanked her for making her life his life and smiled. The nurses that attended to him after he passed cried saying they had never seen someone die looking so content.  She knew he was content because he treasured her and died with a vision of her in the sunlight surrounded by the beauty of nature as her words share her life with him.  His love would live eternally in her and the cherry blossom tree she planted on top of his ashes would for the length of her life contain her love for him.
Seeing her smile from her soul about the joy that was her life with her husband made the Guru very happy. She had no more questions about Love. She had very few things in life that she could not enjoy or understand because her husband’s gift to her was discovering that Love is Eternal!
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