A Celebration of Beauty

I found out about this new special day in my life as I was half asleep,
All I can say to you is thank you for the great night sleep and sweet dreams I will have,
I am falling asleep but now I will sleep with a wider smile on my face as my heart celebrates the beauty you have given this world with your birth!
You said you stopped counting but I say the years—
Count or no count you are gorgeous and you should be proud of every second you have spent on this amazing earth!
My Only regret, my Only Wish is that I had known you all of those seconds because you are an amazing woman and knowing you is a pleasure for my mind, my heart, and my soul:
  • Your beauty inspires my mind and sets it racing to new creativity as I try to describe a beauty as great as yours with words that fall short of its true greatness,
  • My heart because your beauty melts it and makes it flutter,
  • My soul because the goodness in your own soul teaches it and keeps it on the righteous path!
Thank you for the inspiration and the good sleep as Angel bring the vision of you to my dreams!

Happy Birthday Dearest Gina!

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