Google vs. Apple–Greatness Outpaced by Agility

Apple has been the leader at everything they do since the very beginning.  It clearly beat IBM it only true competitor to the punch and it beat the phone companies to the next generation phone and it beat everyone to the reinvention of the PC table into the iPad.

Apple is clearly better and greater than any other player at innovation.  However it will always lose as it has in the past to the agile copycats because in order. To be great it also has to be dictatorial.  Google is already surpassing it on copies of their phones and tablets and the gap will widen faster and faster.

Google like Microsoft before is overtaking it and will soon relegate it to a boutique brand again.  Apple need to strike the balance that now Microsoft is exhibiting before it can compete effectively beyond the first early adaptors and people showing off with the popular brand.

Be great; be an innovator, but keep pace and balance yourself with agility and a touch of humility.

What can Apple do to be more than an innovator that gets quickly outpaced? How can they hold on to the top and stay there?