Blessed Ones

A Life is Defined by Your Choices and By Those Blessed Ones that Change it with their Mere Precense

Blessed are the Ones who make life special,whether through existing in the same life path,
or by simply passing by at the right moment;

or even more obscurely by some action they and you did not know they took.

In life we are often too busy to recognize the blessed Ones,whose influence in our lives are crucial in one way or another,
without them, our lives may have taken different turns
and make whom we are  different

For such is the power of the Blessed Ones!

Not all Blessed Ones are a positive influence,many Blessed Ones affect us negatively;
but their influence nonetheless is as important as those that give us joy

for it is their negativity that teaches us a proper path in life; so they too are Blessed Ones even if they move our lives through chaos.

Let it be known, that all the blessed Ones cannot be recognized,some that have blessed you are not known to you or you to them but they have,
for some remain in obscurity and some cannot be divulged,
but for all of the blessed ones, let me say

I know what you did for me;
Thank You!