Crosses to Bear

The crosses we bear that hurt the most cannot be removed by money or material things only by enlightenment
When we focus on the darkness (Lo Negro) one loses the chance to see the light even if it is next to the darkness,
When we see what others have we fail to see what we have because we are not appreciating our lives and instead are living lives that are not ours to live,
When we envy what is not ours we lose the focus to obtain what we envy because we stop ourselves at envy and never give ourselves the chance to move towards achieving what we envy,
When we feel darkness loom over us, we often embrace it for it blinds us and keeps us safe wallowing in self-pity—but if we never stop looking for the light—when we find it we will see the beauty that this world gives us far outweighs the dark numbness of despair…
If life weighs more than we can bear and it starts sinking us, exercise your courage and find the strength to dispel the darkness that blinds our eyes when we the see great lives others live and fail to see the great things that we all have in our own lives…
One of the secrets of life is that—no matter how good it seems for others, they see a darkness too and save for the most enlightened gurus, they envy, despair, and wallow in self-pity too, even if they are on top their 300 foot yacht eating caviar with gold spoons and sun bathing in diamond bikinis—everyone in life have their crosses to bear!
When you envy look with open eyes and you may see what crosses the one you envy carries and most likely you will not want to trade your crosses for theirs!
What crosses do you see others carrying that you do not give thanks for not having to bear?

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