I Love You But I Knowingly Poison You

Author’s Note:  This article has been reprinted in several newspapers and has been reposted numerous time on the net since it was released in 2002 by a supporter of mine who know about the press.  You can see the original press release at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2002/05/prweb38523.htm 

When I wanted you I had to work extra hard to overcome the effects of the poison on my body because they tried to stop me from getting pregnant,
When I knew you started growing in me, I thought about it, but selfishly loved the poison too much to stop,
When I felt you kicking as my blood poisoned you, I ignored the signs that I was taking your oxygen away and replacing it with many poisons,
When you were borne underweight and needed to stay in the hospital, I left you alone many times an hour to let my sweet poison calmed my nerves as I worried for you,
I was “ a responsible mom” and fed my addition only when away from you, but because I had to leave you in your crib alone to feed my poison you almost died from SIDS many time, even more than the times I discovered you,
When the asthma left you breathless and your allergies kept you in bed, I held you and told you how much I loved you but was too selfish to quit for your love and your health,
When my doctor warned me I needed to quit to improve my health, I thought only of my fix and not of what I would do to you,
When the last site I saw was your crying eyes next to me as I left this world, I wanted to take it all back but I was leaving my five year old love because I did not love him enough to quit!
If you love your child quit smoking or using tobacco products before you harm them or leave them with the scar of losing a parent. If you do not quit for yourself quit for your child, they deserve their health and yours and they deserve growing to adulthood with their mom by their side!