Courage can exist without Action!

Similar to beauty courage (and confidence) are in the heart of the beholder,
A man such as Gandhi that never raised his hand at his oppressors certainly looked cowardly,
A man like Dr. Martin Luther King always turned the other cheek and definitely did not display courage,
A man like Hitler that overpowered the world showed great force but certainly did not display personal courage…
While for many, these examples definitely signify courage, for many they do not;
It is only in their hearts that they gauge the courage of others as the God in Ancient Egypt judged the heart.
Inaction is not lack of courage,
Passivity is not a lack of courage,
Facing one’s demons is certainly not lack of courage,
In life Gandhi was courageous through inactivity,
In life Dr. Martin Luther King was courageous through passivity,
In life Hitler was not courageous because he ran from his demons and in the end chose death rather than face them.
In life action and inaction can both be courageous,
In life self-assessment even if it reveals weakness is courageous when facing oneself,
In life waiting for the growth of another rather than forcing the growth is courageous as the growth may never come,
In life the only measure of courage is in the heart of the courageous and the only proof of the courage is in the heart of the beholder.
Like Ghengis Khan you can run away and be courageous by living to fight another day,
Like Judas in the Gospel of Judas, apparent betrayal can be courageous when it leads to the world’s eternal salvation,
Like Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane you can question your destiny,
And still show the greatest courage of all—being weak and showing doubt and even fear does not take away from the overall courage of the heart and in fact showing it to the world is quite courageous!
In life there are many examples of courageous heroes,
But in life, the greatest hero of all is you,
And the greatest courage is choosing to not just live but thrive and adore life no matter what it brings!