True Love

True Love

True love exists independent of all else,
True love is not dependent on someone loving you back,
True love is not dependent on receiving something from another,
True love is not dependent on what life brings…
True love exists and loves for its own sake…
Nothing influences,
Nothing explains it,
Nothing counts on it,
Nothing can buy it,
Nothing can make it happen, for it is natural and does not depend on anything except itself,
Nothing can shake it or turn it off—
True love is eternal even if space and time takes the edge off, true love never dies.

True love is pure,
True love gives without expecting;
It hopes,
It wishes,
It has no pride,
It is forgiving and understanding,
It is open and inviting,
It is without malice,
but does not expect anything; it does not need anything to sustain itself…
Yet when reciprocate it sustain a world of beauty for more than its own heart!

True love exists in defiance of logic and laws of physics and common sense,
True love:
Never Dies,
Never Sleeps,
Never stops wanting and needing and loving!

True love is wonderful,
Even if it is unrequited,
Even if it causes heartaches at some points,
Even if it loses everything it yearns for…
Its power is wonderful because the feeling and pleasure of loving cannot be matched!

I am happy I have felt true love,
I rejoice in my gift to love unconditionally,
I feel fortunate to have felt the joy, and as painful as it is, I am not sad to have received the pain of it as well,
Because in the end the pain may be terrible but the pleasure of feeling it is ecstasy!

I will always celebrate my Love,
I will always Love my Love,
I will always rejoice for the fortune of anyone I love, even if it hurts to not have them,
I will always smile warmly with everything thought and felt about them,
I will always feel warm inside with just a mere thought of them—
And because even in pain love heals and gives comfort, I will always give my best;
Even if I lose, even if I know pain is around the corner if I lose…
Because anything short of my best would not be True Love!