The Spice of a Lovely Life!

Everyday I very carefully and lovingly prepared her meal by the time she arrived.

This day I was preparing a Linguini Alfredo and I was rolling the linguini carefully around a fork to make two bird nest shape rolls. When put together at an angle they make the shape of the heart. Then I took a little pimento sauce and drew the outline of the heart in bright red. I continue preparing the meal with many other little details.

While preparing it I was very engrossed in the task and did not notice that Paulita, her daughter, was observing me. She was happy to see me work so carefully for her mom but she asked me why I took such care with it since it was just going to be eaten. I responded that my details were the best spice of the meal because giving to your loved ones is the spice of love. She commented that it was pretty but that it would not taste any better since her mom did not know and would not notice just how much effort went into it. I told her that the meal was for the Love of my Life but the spice of love was not just for her, it was for me as well. I showed her my love through an effort she may never notice but the love adds that special flavour that one cannot identify but which makes the meal extra special. But this spice tasted even better for me just from seeing the smile in her face and with each bite she took it flavoured my life with Love because even if she did not appreciate the effort, I knew I gave it!