Love is many things simple

Love guarantees you 9½ weeks of no effort and great rewards,
That in the infatuation phase and some say it is the best of love,
Some are even addicted to it and cannot hold long terms relationships,
But true love is tested on Thursday of that magical ½ week when the happy chemicals go away….
True love takes active and conscious effort to maintain,
True love does not take heroic or over the top effort but it does take daily effort,
While true love does not go away without effort, it does not offer its best rewards without it!
Part of the joy of love is the efforts needed to keep it fresh and alive,
The rewards are simple but powerful:
A sigh,
A smile,
A hug,
A Kiss…
But not just any sigh, smile, hug, or kiss—loving ones!
The daily efforts in and of themselves are a source of pleasure if they are perceives in the right way and they do not have to be conscious either…
Much like birds fly together in playful flight or groom each other’s feather…
Love can be a simple kiss in the morning and at night,
A simple hug in the morning or just a simple silence if that is what is needed until the person wakes up fully,
Love is a simple act of respect as in holding back foul words in an argument or even in daily life, for Love is not just about what you do but also about what you do not do;
Love is a simple phone call or text message saying you are on my mind even if those words are not spoken,
Love is a simple act such as showing up with flowers once in a blue moon or taking your pareja outside to watch the blue moon while you tell them how spectacular is the huge universe and the luck you had to have found her or him in its vastness,
Love is a simple chocolate kiss left for them in their lunch bag,
Love is a simple I Love You every once in a while or a simple loving term such as Amor, Love, Mi Vida…
Love is a simple look that takes the lookers breathe away at seeing the beauty of his Love and leaves that person with the absolute knowledge they are wanted and loved from a simple look,
Love is a simple stroke on the inside of the wrist that says “I want you” even with its gentlest touch that speaks volumes for the hot passion inside you…
Love does not take huge actions such as buying a car, taking an expensive vacations, or buying the largest diamond in the world…there is nothing wrong with these actions but they are a rare and while they are remembered more than the simple kiss in the morning, they do not stimulate the love on a daily basis…they are not needed just greatly appreciated!
The secret to a great adventure of love is to do your daily playful flight and daily grooming like love birds;
Add a good measure of kissing and hugging and the heart cannot help but feel the twangs of love!
Love is not enough to keep a pair together but daily love goes a long way to give them just one more reason to stay together…love does not conquer all but love does make all conquerable and absolutely make the world a more wonderful place!