Life is full of Gifts

Life is wondrous and wonderful,
Life gives us so much that often we can’t believe it could be real,
Life gives us some grief but on balance life gives us happiness…
With its many wonderment life is as beautiful as you care to see it!

Life gives us choices and life guides us in ways we sometimes cannot see,
Life always takes us where we need to be:
Even if we do not know we are there,
Even if we do not feel we need it,
Even if we want something else,
Even if we resist seeing the reason it has guided us there,
Even if we refuse to go where it takes it, it takes us…
Life is wonderful if we accept it, even when it is difficult to understand its purpose.

Life brings us many gifts that we do not receive because we do not see them or value them,
Life gives us in abundance what we need even if often we do not accept them,
Life fills us with potential to love life if we care to see what it offers…
Life offers a myriad of choices and gifts and always it is what we make of it—
Life never leaves us empty of fortune but we often empty our lives of fortune;
Life always gives, it is up to us to take!